Why are feature requests not found on this site?

In order to maintain consistency and clarity on needed fixes, issues.unrealengine.com only serves up bugs and their status. We encourage you to discuss feature requests over in the Feedback for Epic forum using the [FEATURE REQUEST] prefix so the community and development teams can get visibility on these more nuanced conversations as they arise.

Resolution: Won't Fix or Won't Do?

Due to the sophisticated nature of Unreal Engine, we receive a lot of bugs from the helpful community. Some items may end up labeled as "Won't Fix" or "Won't Do", meaning we have decided to focus our finite resources elsewhere. This can happen for a few different reasons:

Why Can't We Comment?

Our support staff is hard at work for you, reporting bugs and organizing requests. To ensure the highest level of service, we ask that any extra information be provided on the Ask a Question post associated with the issue key (e.g UE-12345). If there's already a post referenced, please comment there.

How Does Voting Work?

Voting is a mechanism for you, the developer, to let us know what you find most important. Epic staff will take votes into consideration when making decisions about what issues to address and when, though a high amount of votes does not ensure an immediate issue resolution. You can track the issues you have voted on by clicking your account name in the upper right corner and choosing "My Votes".

Why Can't I Access UDN Links?

The UDN is a private support resource for custom licensees. If you are interested in discussing a custom UE license, please click here.

Advanced Search

When searching for issues, in addition to the dropdown box there are some advanced features you can use to filter issues with more control. You can Include the following in your search string to get more specific results:

fix:Search for issues scheduled to be fixed in a particular version. Allowed values, [5.1, 5.0, 4.27, ...etc].Search for issues scheduled to be fixed in a particular version. Allowed values, [5.1, 5.0, 4.27, ...etc].
affects:Search for issues affecting a particular version (not entirely inclusive, just the versions reported it happening on). Allowed values, [5.1, 5.0, 4.27, ...etc].
components:Search for issues with specific components, this method uses a partial string match, so components:Editor, would find all Editor - *****, bugs.

For instance, type "fix:5.1" if you want to find issues fixed in 5.1. Remember not to put a space between fix: and the value.

(Fix / Release / Main) Commit

Sometimes you'll find a commit associated with the issue. If we can, we match up the internalPerforce CL number with the Github Sha and generate a link to it. Sometimes that's not possible due to where the work happened in Perforce.

Fix CommitThe changelist that fixed the bug.
Release CommitThe changelist where the issue was resolved in a release branch for the first time. Sometimes the Fix and Release commit are the same.
Main CommitThe changelist where the issue's fix was introduced to main (aka master). Rarely does a resolution happen directly in this branch.