iPhonePackager code signature not supported by iOS 15

UE - Platform - Mobile - Sep 27, 2021

Pasting an element into a Widget Blueprint hierarchy causes a crash

UE - Editor - UI Systems - Sep 23, 2021

Pasting an element into a Widget Blueprint after removing the canvas panel will result in a crash.  This has been tested with the border and button elements. This issue is occurring in //UE5/Releas ...

Asset Manager settings that worked in 4.26 now have extra invisible broken types

UE - Foundation - Core - Cooker - Sep 23, 2021

For 4.27/5.0 (as part of [Link Removed]) we changed the asset manager's settings to be a key-indexed config array which gives more safety with removing entries via the UI. However, this actually bro ...

Virtual Shadow Map artefacts on animations

UE - Rendering - Sep 23, 2021

Planar Reflection Inverted surface

UE - Rendering - Sep 23, 2021

Also worth noting the editor slowed significantly with the planar reflection in the scene. Regression checked in //UE4/Release-4.26.2 CL15973114 and the issue does not reproduce there ...

Height fog removed in split screen when player1 is facing the opposite direction.

UE - Rendering - Sep 23, 2021

Please see the UDN for a potential fix/workaround description. ...

GI bounces missing from static SkyLight.

UE - Rendering - Sep 23, 2021

Potentially missing lightmass path for skylight that needs to imitate the static directional light GI solution. ...