TargetArray nodes are reported as invalid if played in Standalone mode and the blueprints they are contained in are not rendered. Playing in PIE however works correctly and all blueprints are rendered.

The users suspects the the TargetArray nodes are causing this issue because of this error in the log file:

LogBlueprint:Error: [compiler] Error The current value of the ' TargetArray ' pin is invalid: Array inputs (like 'TargetArray') must have an input wired into them (try connecting a MakeArray node).

AnswerHub report:

Project: \\\root\Contractors\TJ.Ballard\DoN

Steps to Reproduce

1. Download the users project, path is the description
2. Open the project
3. Play in PIE
4. You will see flowerbeds that the character can interact with (screenshot #1)
5. Stop & play again in Standalone mode
6. Click Yes on error message
7. Once started, you will see that the flower beds are not rendered (screenshot #2)

Results: The blueprint will not be rendered in Standalone mode

Expected: For Standalone and PIE to play the same

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ComponentUE - Gameplay - Blueprint
Affects Versions4.7
Target Fix4.7.1
Fix Commit2460315
CreatedFeb 20, 2015
ResolvedFeb 25, 2015
UpdatedApr 27, 2018