Crash when plugging Depth Fade to Base Color and using Required Texture Resolution mode

We have a material that uses the Depth Fade node for the Opacity and Base Color. However, the engine crashes while enabling the Required Texture Resolution mode. We found it crashes while in the mode if the Depth Fade node is plugged into the Base Color. We want to use Depth Fade to control the color based on the depth. Please let us know if there is a fix for this.

Steps to Reproduce

Repro steps:

Place the Cube mesh to a scene
Open the BasicShapeMaterial attached to the cube
Change the Blend Mode from Opaque to Translucent
Connect the Depth Fade node directly to Base Color
Use the Required Texture Resolution mode
Crash in FD3D11DynamicRHI::SetUAVPSResourcesFromTables if DX11 or FD3D12CommandContext::SetUAVPSResourcesFromTables if DX12

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There's no existing public thread on this issue, so head over to Questions & Answers just mention UE-103906 in the post.

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ComponentUE - Rendering
Target Fix4.26.1
Fix Commit14914410
Release Commit14914410
CreatedDec 1, 2020
ResolvedDec 14, 2020
UpdatedApr 27, 2021