An FBX with Multiple Meshes and only one unwrap per mesh (no 2nd UV channel) will import the first mesh in the file correctly but will produce invalid lightmass settings on each additional mesh imported, the Lightmap coordinates of each mesh after the first is set to 1 and not 0.

Steps to Reproduce

1.  Open any project in the editor.
2.  Import the attached FBX file into the project, do not combine meshes.
3.  Place Cube, Sphere and Cone into Level
4.  Open all 3 imported shapes in Static Mesh Editor
5.  Look up each's Light Map Coordiantes
        Sphere and Cone have Light Map Coordinates set to 1 and produce the Invalid Lightmass settings error.  Cube has Light Map Coordinates set to 0 and produces no errors.

       Cube, Sphere and Cone have Light Map Coordiantes set to 0 and produce no errors.

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Cannot Reproduce
CreatedJun 8, 2014
ResolvedDec 10, 2014
UpdatedMay 2, 2018
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