Build: 4.5.0-2316912
Description: .exe crashes on iPad4 when attempting to draw a 2048x1536 texture to the HUD
Frequency: 2/2
Repro: [Reproduced Internally]
1. Download attached texture file.
2. Open Editor (Any Project)
3. Import texture file to editor
4. Go to content browser>New>Blueprint>HUD
5. In event graph of new HUD, create the below screenshot, replacing the texture with the imported texture:

6. Compile, save, close blueprint
7. Create a new gamemode blueprint, set new HUD as the hud, compile, save, close
8. Set world settings and project settings game mode to new game mode.
9. Deploy to iPad4
10. Attempt to open project in iPad4.
Results: .exe crashes.
Expected: .exe remains open and shows texture.
OS 8.0

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Cannot Reproduce
CreatedOct 14, 2014
ResolvedAug 2, 2016
UpdatedJul 14, 2021