Passing a parameter by reference for an RPC does not seem to be a supported operation, and UnrealHeaderTool will already throw an error if a networked UFUNCTION includes any OutParms. However, users can still select the "Pass-By-Reference" checkbox for inputs to replicated blueprint events, creating RPCs with OutParms. There is some handling for OutParms in the NetDriver with NetDriverInternal::CopyOutParametersToLocalParameters, but if an input to a multicast RPC has "Pass-By-Reference" checked, this can  lead to memory issues and crashes if the RPC is sent to more than one client.

Steps to Reproduce

See linked UDN with repro project

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ComponentUE - Networking
Target Fix5.0
Fix Commit18361274
Main Commit18361274
CreatedOct 6, 2021
ResolvedDec 2, 2021
UpdatedFeb 18, 2022