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Matinee is no longer receiving updates due to Sequencer. This issue can be re-evaluated (in a new ticket) if the issue persists in Sequencer.


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UE4-Main UE4_[2013-08-27_14.24] 1799942
DESCRIPTION: When importing an animated camera from Maya into Matinee, the placement of the camera is changed (shifted 90 degrees counterclockwise), although the relative animation remains intact.
I have Maya's setting as Y-up, which actually allows for the proper orientation of maps when imported/exported.
Camera transformations on frame 0:
Transformation Maya UE4
Translate X 2140.45 775.39
Translate Y 251.74 -2140.45
Translate Z 775.39 251.74
Rotate X -8.4 0
Rotate Y 70.4 -8.39
Rotate Z 0 109.59
Maya's TX becomes UE4's TY
Maya's TY becomes UE4's TZ
Maya's TZ becomes UE4's TX
Maya's RX becomes UE4's RY
Maya's RY is not the same anywhere in UE4
Maya's RZ becomes UE4's RX

WORKAROUND (From Rocket user):
In Maya the duplicated (prepped for UE4 camera) has to have:
Swapped TranslateX with TranslateZ values.
Mirrored TranslateX values from positive to negative.
Added to rotate values: RotateX +180 RotateY +90 RotateZ +180
Mirrored RotateY values from positive to negativ.
1. Launch: UE4Editor.exe   (any project)
2. Create a small BSP level or use the default
3. File > Export the level as FBX
4. Import the FBX into Maya
5. Animate a Camera flying through the level in Maya
6. File > Export Selection (Camera) in Maya, save as FBX
7. In UE4, create a Matinee Data in the level
8. Open the Matinee
9. File > Import > choose the Camera FBX
RESULTS: Camera imports to level rotated 90 degrees counterclockwise
EXPECTED: Camera imports to level with same orientation as in Maya

OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
PROCESSOR: Intel Xeon CPU W3550 @ 3.07GHz (8 CPUs), ~3.1GHz
VIDEO CARD: AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series
SOUND SETUP: Headphones
DIRECTX: DirectX 11
Maya 2013


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ResolvedOct 9, 2015
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