Metasounds cease functionality if called to Play with a different start time other than 0. This extends to the Metasound editor where pressing play to preview the sound also ceases to function.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a project using the First Person template
  2. Create a Metasound with a generator
  3. Open the First Person Character Blueprint then add an Audio Component
  4. In the Audio Component's details panel set the Sound to the Metasound
  5. In the Event Graph create an event for when Q is pressed
  6. Crtl+Drag in the Audio Component then drag off the Audio Component's output pin and create a Play node
  7. Connect up the Pressed Execute to the Play node
  8. Set the Play Start Time to 1.0
  9. Play in editor; the Metasound should be playing
  10. Press Q

Expected Results:
Metasound performs as expected even after exiting PIE.

Actual Results:
The Metasound stops playing, and will not play again even when attempting to play it within the Metasound Editor.

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ComponentUE - Audio - MetaSounds
Affects Versions5.0-early access
Target Fix5.0
CreatedDec 2, 2021
ResolvedJan 12, 2022
UpdatedJan 13, 2022