Opening the color picker window from a color property starts a transaction which doesn't end until the color picker window is closed, causing undo behavior after using the color picker to be incorrect

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Drag a PointLight actor into a level
  2. Open the color picker to edit its Light Color.
  3. Modify any other properties on the same PointLight (eg. Soft Source Radius, Source Length, etc.)
  4. Click Ok to close the color picker.
  5. Undo the operation and observe that all the other properties you changed get undone in addition to the change to Light Color.
    1. OR if you instead click Cancel to close the color picker, observe that the changes you made to other properties while the color picker was open still persist but can't be undone.

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ComponentUE - Editor - UX
Affects Versions5.0-early access
CreatedMar 31, 2022
UpdatedApr 4, 2022