Occurs 5/5 times. 

Details panel in Animation Montage goes blank when fields (Start Time, End Time, Play Rate, Loop count) are clicked in to update data.

This defect also occurs when clicking in the timeline in the Animation Montage details panel. 

Regression does occur: Animation Montage data in Details Panel is updatable in //UE4/Release-4.27.2 EGL Live @ CL18319896.

Steps to Reproduce

Repro Steps:

  1. Open TPS blank project.
  2. Right click in the Content Browser and select Animation Montage from the Animation Menu items.
  3. Select the SK_Mannequin_Skeleton.
  4. Select an animation sequence from the Asset Browser and add it to the 'Default Track' in the Montage Animation Editor.
  5. Click the track to select the animation sequence.
  6. In the details panel, try to adjust the 'Start Time' or 'End Time'

Expected: Data in 'Start Time,' 'End Time' is updated.
Actual: Details panel appears to close and goes blank. 

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ComponentUE - Anim - Runtime
Affects Versions5.0.1
Target Fix5.0.2
Fix Commit20041008
CreatedApr 27, 2022
ResolvedMay 4, 2022
UpdatedJun 30, 2022