Occurs 3/3 times

When 'Export Selected Animations' button is clicked and then canceled, animations continue to be saved. 

Steps to Reproduce

Repro Steps:

1. Created a TPS blank project.
2. Imported a test skeleton mannequin (I downloaded Ybot from Mixamo) for IKRetargeting.
3. Created an IKRig for the Mixamo skeletal mesh and for the UE5 Quinn skeletal mesh.
4. Created an IKRetargeter with the Mixamo skeletal mesh (T-pose) as the source and the Quinn skeletal mesh as the Target (A-pose).
5. Selected an animation to export.
6. Clicked the 'Export Selected Animations' button.
7. When the 'Select Export Path' window displays clicked the cancel button.
Expected: No animations are saved.
Actual: Selected animations are saved.

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There's no existing public thread on this issue, so head over to Questions & Answers just mention UE-150921 in the post.

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Won't Fix
ComponentUE - Anim - Rigging
Affects Versions5.0.1
Target Fix5.0
CreatedMay 3, 2022
ResolvedJun 16, 2022
UpdatedJun 17, 2022