User is experiencing his PC running out of memory when he does large move/copy operations in the content browser.

There are a few issues with this process. The first is that attempting to drag any asset causes the editor to attempt to load in that asset right away. If trying to move a lot of assets, this can cause a massive hang in the editor. Perhaps a warning, such as when you right click on a large number of assets.

Editor also says it is "unloading assets" after the move operation, but there always seems to be a significant amount of memory usage added that doesn't go away. I am not seeing the amount of memory increase as the user, but it still seems odd that the usage went up by about 800MB and didn't go back down.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Using the Launcher Create a Content Examples project from 4.7
2. Open a copy of it using 4.8 Preview 2
3. In the Content Browser, deselect Show Folders in the view options
4. Filter to blueprints and materials
5. Create a new folder
6. Select the top "Content" folder
7. Select about 200 assets
8. Check the editor's memory usage in task manager
9. Attempt to drag them to the new folder that you made

Result: Editor is forced to load every asset when you drag

10. After they all load, drag them to the new folder
11. Wait for it to finish
12. Check the editor's memory usage in task manager

Result: Even though it says it is "unloading the assets" as the last step, there is a significant amount of memory usage leftover (for me about 800MB)

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Won't Fix
CreatedMay 18, 2015
ResolvedAug 18, 2021
UpdatedAug 18, 2021