In the test above, the Blue Component has a higher priority than the green component; however when in the listener is positioned where the components overlap, both components submix sends are active instead of the highest priority component only.

I've attracted a video to demonstrate. In the test, each number spoken is in a different location.

  • "One" is outside of both of the Audio Gameplay Volumes
  • "Two" is inside the Green Audio Gameplay Volume only
  • "Three" is in the area where the Green and Blue Audio Gameplay volumes overlap (the ground is black)
  • "Four" is inside the Blue Audio Gameplay Volume only
    The component in the Blue volume is set as the higher priority.

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Steps to Reproduce

1. Launch *AudioQA* in the editor
2. Open the level *AQ_AudioGameplayVolumes* (Content\Levels\Manual\AQ_AudioGameplayVolumes)
3. In the *Outliner* locate the *Priority* folder
4. Select *AudioGameplayVolume_Blue*
5. Select the *AttenuationVolume* component
6. Toggle *Auto Activate* off
7. Select the *SubmixSendVolume* component. This component sends to a Reverb effect.
8. Toggle *Auto Activate* on
9. Select *AudioGameplayVolume_Green*
10. Select the *AttenuationVolume* component
11. Toggle *Auto Activate* off
12. Select the *SubmixSendVolume* component. This component sends to a Delay effect.
13. Toggle *Auto Activate* on
14. PIE
15. Navigate to the *Priority Test* stand.
16. Enter the *outer* box to trigger four audio tracks, each playing a single number (1-4)
17. Position the camera to that is in the overlap of the green and blue boxes (where the black plane is)

Expected Result:
 Sounds inside the green AttenuationVolume are outside of the higher priority volume and are not effected.

Actual Result:
 A delay effect is still heard on the sound in the green volume (number 2)

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ComponentUE - Audio
Affects Versions5.1
CreatedJul 14, 2022
UpdatedJan 16, 2023