This is not a regression. Tested in //UE5/Release-5.0 CL 20979098

Building Packed Level Actors causes references to break in the Packed level Actors' Blueprints. Rerunning the Build > Pack Level Actors toggles between the reference working and the reference breaking. Shouldn't have to Build twice to fix the references.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create or open any project
  2. From the File menu select New Level > Empty Level then save this level
  3. From the Place Actors panel place 2 shapes
  4. In the level Outline Select both shapes then right-click and select Level > Create Packed Level Actor
  5. Select Okay in the Dialog then save as "PackedLevelActor" > "BPP_PackedLevelActor"
  6. Open BPP_PackedLevelActor
    1. In the Construct Script create a "Print String" node then connect the execution pins
    2. Get a reference to the "InstanceStaticMesh" in the graph(In the components panel Ctrl+Left Click the instanced mesh then drag into the graph)
    3. Drag off the reference then create a "Get Object Name" node
    4. Connect the Return Value output pin of the "Get Object Name" node to the In String input pin of the "Print String" node
    5. Compile, save, and close the Blueprint
  7. Select Build > Pack Level Actors (bottom of the list)
  8. Open the now dirty BPP_PackedLevelActor and observe the Construction Script

Expected Results:
The Instanced Static Mesh reference is not broken, and the blueprint can be compiled without error.

Actual Results:
The Instanced Static Mesh Reference is broken with a warning and error stating it can not be found.

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Fix Commit24833980
CreatedOct 27, 2022
ResolvedJun 29, 2023
UpdatedAug 29, 2023