LN - further notes from CharlieT:

This is a global problem. If you go through and add the game to your steam account it will pull up the correct name. However, if you just boot up the game while steam is up it will show that you are playing spacewars and so if you try and invite someone that is were it will try and place you.

When trying to invite another player via steam to multiplayer shootout the other player is sent an invite to the game spacewars

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Download multiplayer shootout
  2. Package the game for windows 64 bit
  3. Open the packaged game
  4. Open steam
  5. Find a friend and right click invite to game
  6. Notice that the friend gets an invite to spacewars

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Won't Fix
Affects Versions4.84.13
CreatedJun 12, 2015
ResolvedMar 14, 2017
UpdatedMar 14, 2017