Reproduced 7/10 times. Issue also occurs in //UE5/Release-5.0 - CL 20979098 Binary. Confirmed NOT a Regression.

Additional Notes:

  • Stacking more Biquad Filters produces a more noticeable effect, but is not necessary.
  • Issue occurs with different audio sources (Wave Player / Noise Generator).
  • The choppy sound produced is louder than the original audio,
Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a Metasound asset.
  2. Create a Noise Generator (White Noise).
  3. Create a Biquad Filter
  4. Set the filter's type to Low Pass
  5. Add a Float Input and set it to a slider,
  6. Set the Input's Range to X=0.0 ; Y=20000
  7. Connect the Input to filter's Cutoff Frequency.
  8. Connect the Noise to the filter, and then to an Output node.
  9. Add MetaSound to level, and open level Blueprint
  10. On Begin Play, create a loop that alternates Cutoff Frequency to it's max and min values, with a tiny delay in-between
  11. PIE

Actual Result: You will sometimes hear a popping noise

Expected Result: The swift frequency change produces a smooth and clean audio.

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ComponentUE - Audio - MetaSounds
Affects Versions5.1
Target Fix5.5
CreatedDec 8, 2022
UpdatedJun 3, 2024
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