The visibility flag is reset to true in UGeometryCollectionComponent::UnregisterFromISMPool.

This function is called from BeginPlay.


Only when ISMPoolActor is not being used, the following workaround prevent the flag from being overridden.

void UGeometryCollectionComponent::UnregisterFromISMPool()
	if (ISMPool)
		if (UGeometryCollectionISMPoolComponent* ISMPoolComp = ISMPool->GetISMPoolComp())
			ISMPoolMeshGroupIndex = INDEX_NONE;
		SetVisibility(true);	//move here
//	SetVisibility(true); //remove

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Place a geometrycollection to a level
  2. Set its visibility flag to false
  3. Start PIE


The visibility flag is forced to true and the geometrycollection is displayed

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ComponentUE - Simulation - Physics - Destruction
Affects Versions5.1
Target Fix5.3
Fix Commit23934984
Main Commit23934984
CreatedJan 26, 2023
ResolvedFeb 1, 2023
UpdatedMar 7, 2023