Steps to Reproduce

1. Download and build attached project.
2. Run the editor.
3. Open L_Test_A.
4. Open BP_MyActor.
5. Select BP_MyActor1 in the Outliner to view its details.
6. In BP_MyActor's defaults window, change the following:
    a. Set MyComponent.Test.MyObject to BP_MyObject.
    b. Set MyComponent.Test.MyStruct.MyObject to BP_MyObject.
    c. Add an entry to MyObjectArray.
    d. Set MyComponent.Test.MyObjectArray[0] to BP_MyObject.
    e. Set MyComponent.MyStruct.MyObject to BP_Object.
7. Observe that BP_MyActor1 also updates to use these new values.
8. Compile, save, and quit the editor.
9. Relaunch the editor.
10. Open BP_MyActor.
11. Set the changed values in step 6 to None. Compile and save.
12. Open L_Test_A.
13. Select BP_MyActor1 in the Outliner to view its details.
14. Observe that none of the entries under Test have changed.
15. Expected behavior: every entry under Test should now be None.

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ComponentUE - Gameplay - Components
Affects Versions5.1
Target Fix5.4
CreatedMar 14, 2023
UpdatedMar 16, 2023