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You are able to still package the project by ignoring and continuing after the dialog box is displayed in the Actual Results as it will utilize the old ToolChain.

However, if you notice in the attached image it shows that there are no SDK's currently installed for the build of the Engine. Attempting to Force Update Device leads to it failing to install the SDK's. 

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Launch the Unreal Editor on Linux by using the latest Installed Build
  2. Create a new Blank Template project
  3. Attempt to Package the project for Linux in Development Mode

Expected Results: The project packages successfully with no issues involving the Linux SDK's

Actual Results: A dialog box appears stating that there are no SDK's installed for the Editor 

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There's no existing public thread on this issue, so head over to Questions & Answers just mention UE-190526 in the post.

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ComponentUE - Platform - Linux
Affects Versions5.3
Target Fix5.3
Fix Commit26585837
CreatedJul 18, 2023
ResolvedJul 26, 2023
UpdatedFeb 8, 2024