When the input to a Layered Blend Per Bone node is two instances of the same cached pose, we aren't sampling root motion correctly.  In the attached example, the weight on the root bone is 0 and Blend Root Motion Based On Root Bone is enabled on the layered blend node so we should take 100% of the root motion from Base Pose.

However, because of how the Cached Pose node works, this breaks.  We pass two contexts to 
FAnimNode_SaveCachedPose::Update_AnyThread for the two sources of the layered blend.  The context for Base Pose has a blend weight of 1 and a root motion weight of 1 (which is correct) and the context for Blend Poses 0 has a blend weight of 1 and a root motion weight of 0 (this is also correct as we are taking root motion from Base Pose not Blend Poses 0).

In FAnimNode_SaveCachedPose::PostGraphUpdate, when multiple contexts have the same weight, we just choose whichever is added first.  In the case of the layered blend node, the context for Blend Poses 0 is added first (with the root motion weight of 0).  This means when we update the branch under the cached pose node, we sample set the sequence evaluators not to sample root motion.  When the output of the cached pose node is then used for each source of the layered blend node, we now have no root motion.

Some potential solutions:

  •  Change the logic for how the cached pose node determines which context to use to also account for root motion
  •  Change the order in which the layered blend node calls Update on it's children, if Base Pose was called first, this would resolve the issue.
Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open the attached project ([Link Removed])
  2. Open ABP_RootMotion
  3. In the anim bp editor viewport select Character > Animation > Root Motion > Loop
    1. Expected behaviour: root motion should be sampled and the mesh should translate
    2. Actual behaviour: root motion is not sampled so the character remains at the origin

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ComponentUE - Anim - Gameplay
Target Fix5.4
CreatedAug 23, 2023
UpdatedAug 25, 2023