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This also occurs with Submix overrides and for settings where the listener is outside the volume.

From Ryan:
Likely when this setup occurs, AGVs needs to know to re-evaluate interior spaces

Steps to Reproduce

1) Launch AudioQA
2) Add an Audio Gameplay Volume to the default level
3) Add a SubmixSendVolume component to the AudioGameplayVolume
4) Set the Listener Location State to Inside the Volume
5) Set the Sound Submix to QATestSubmixSingleFX (this submix has a long reverb effect on it)
6) Add any sound to the level (I suggest something eady to hear reverb on like an impulse or voice) and place i*t inside the AGV*
7) On the sound asset set the following:

  • Make sure it is looping (if a Metasound, cannot have one shot interface)
  • Set the Sound Class to AudioGameplayVolume_TestClass (this has Ambient Zones enabled)
  • Set the Attenuation Settings to AT_Test_Sphere
  • Set the Voice Virtualization Method to* Restart*

8) PIE
9) Enter au.3dVisualizeEnabled 1 so you can see the sound
10) Move the camera into the AGV and observe the reverb on the sound when inside. The reverb stops when outside the volume
11) Move the camera outside the volume far enough that it becomes virtual (debug text turns blue)
12) Reenter the volume

Expected Result:
The submix send is retriggered on entering

Actual Result:
The submix send no longer works after the sound has become virtual.

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Affects Versions5.25.3
CreatedOct 3, 2023
UpdatedJun 3, 2024
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