Result : only the layer not ending with _0 or _1 will actually render (i.e. Layer0 in the previous example)

Expected result : all 3 layers can be painted, no matter their name

Steps to Reproduce

This was originally reported in this UDN : [Link Removed]

  • Create a material and use the following setup : [Image Removed]

(i.e. declare 2 materials ending with _0, _1 and one without a suffix)

  • Create a landscape using this material
  • In the landscape paint panel, create a layer info on each of the 3 paint layers
  • Try to paint each of those layers


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ComponentUE - LD & Modeling - Terrain - Landscape
Affects Versions5.35.3.1
Target Fix5.3.2
Fix Commit29047465
Release Commit29047465
CreatedOct 19, 2023
ResolvedOct 24, 2023
UpdatedNov 3, 2023
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