The macros LLM and LLM_IF_ENABLED behave identically but are slightly different from a performance standpoint. For consistency all allocs and frees should use the same one. Measure the cost of a cook on our large internal project and remove LLM_IF_ENABLED if it is not useful or convert all allocs and frees to LLM_IF_ENABLED if it is.

They behave identically because OnLowLevelFree and OnLowLevelAlloc, like all LLM functions (maybe a few exceptions) early exit if bIsDisabled.

LLM_IF_ENABLED was added in CL 4114133 as a performance improvement along with some other changes to bIsEnabled. Other things have changed since then so it's possible the LLM_IF_ENABLED macro is no longer useful for performance. The only reason it might be useful is to avoid the cost of the function call.

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CreatedNov 13, 2023
UpdatedNov 16, 2023