If the user has a break point set and then activates the breakpoint > Resumes without doing anything > activates the break point then the graph containing the breakpoint will become unresponsive. (Cannot pan or zoom, cannot right click nodes for debug menu)

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open Project
  2. Open project settings
  3. Set Use Mouse for Touch to true
  4. Open level blueprint
  5. Create the blueprint in the attached image
  6. Play in Editor
  7. Press the 'B' key
  8. Resume (do not move the graph or right click, only click the resume button)
  9. Press the 'B' again
  10. Try to move the graph around and right click
  11. Notice you can not pan, zoom, or right click

Expected: The user would be able to pan, zoom and right click to continue debugging
Result: The graph can no longer be interacted with

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ComponentUE - Gameplay - Blueprint
Affects Versions4.9
CreatedAug 21, 2015
ResolvedFeb 6, 2017
UpdatedJul 14, 2021