From licensee:
When the player pawn teleports inside a structure that is a HLOD, the dithered HLOD fading transition is not properly reset so we can see it re-starting to fade, from the inside.

Our fix was to add in FLODSceneTree::Update(FViewInfo& View), after the if (bIsDitheredTransition && !bForcedIntoView)




part, the following:

if (View.bPrevTransformsReset)

{ // Transforms are now up-to-date, // so bWasVisible needs to be the same as bIsVisible, otherwise, // next frame will try to fade again. NodeVisibility.bWasVisible = NodeVisibility.bIsVisible; NodeVisibility.bIsFading = false; }

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CreatedJan 24, 2024
UpdatedJan 25, 2024