When Niagara FX of a recording actor is spawned during taking a record, that FX behavior must be recorded and able to be playbacked. However, 

  • Niagara Component Auto Activation by BP node is not recorded and it requires to insert FX system toggle track by hand.
  • Niagara Component Auto Destroy gives a side effect to Sequencer playback (It may destroy Niagara component internally), so it requires not to turn on Auto Destroy of a BP node.
Steps to Reproduce

Download the attachment zip to skip Step 1 and 2.

  1. Create a new project based on Third Person template.
  2. Modify BP_ThirdpersonCharacter and trigger SpawnSystemAttached for the root component to spawn Niagara FX (when pressing T key or something.) Ensure the Auto Activate and Auto Destroy property is ticked. See the below screenshot.
  3. Navigate Window > Cinematics > Take Recorder to open Take Recorder panels.
  4. Click  +Source button and select Player.
  5. Run PIE.
  6. Click record button.
  7. Press T periodically to spawn VFXs.
  8. Finish recording and PIE.
  9. Open the sequencer recorded in last play.
  10. Play it back and confirm that the Niagara FX does not appear.
  11. Click the lock icon to unlock.
  12. Double click BP_ThirdPersonCharacter track to break down into sub tracks.
  13. As you saw in Step 10, TakeRecorder cannot reproduce particles spawn, so add FX system toggle track to Niagara Component track and add Activate key.
  14. Confirm the VFX is spawned and playbacked when the time marker passed the key of FX system toggle track.
  15. Rewind the sequence and playback again. This time, it is impossible to see the VFX is spawned.

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ComponentUE - Niagara
Affects Versions5.3
CreatedApr 1, 2024
UpdatedApr 8, 2024
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