The NiagaraFluids plugin provides several Niagara System templates to use as a starting point for the user's own Systems. The templates in category "3D Gas", such as "Grid 3D Gas Explosion", include Emitters that make use of the function "Grid3D_SetResolutionBasic". This function, in turn, receives an input "WorldGridExtents" that linked to the User Exposed Parameter "WorldSpaceSize".

When input "WorldGridExtents" of function "Grid3D_SetResolutionBasic" has one or more components with a very small value, the function can output a grid with 0 cells in the corresponding dimension. Further ahead in the simulation, this results in a GPU hang which crashes the engine and may even freeze the user's computer to the point of needing a hard reboot.

This issue becomes specially important because the Niagara Editor reacts in realtime to partial edits in the values displayed in the "User Parameters" tab. This means that, if a user attempts to edit a component of the vector "WorldSpaceSize" by first deleting its current value and then typing in a new value, the System will momentarily attempt to simulate with a dimension value of 0.0, resulting in the crash.

One way to deal with this issue would be to guard function "Grid3D_SetResolutionBasic" from invalid "WorldGridExtents" values. This can be done, for example, by adding the following lines to the end of the "Custom HLSL" node in the beginning of the function:

if (NumCellsX <= 0) NumCellsX = 1;
if (NumCellsY <= 0) NumCellsY = 1;
if (NumCellsZ <= 0) NumCellsZ = 1;
Out_WorldGridExtents = float3(NumCellsX, NumCellsY, NumCellsZ) * CellSize;

Note: This is not a duplicate of [Link Removed]


Steps to Reproduce
  • Open the Editor and enable the NiagaraFluids plugin
  • Create a new Niagara System based on template "Grid 3D Gas Explosion"
  • In the "User Parameters" tab, edit "WorldSpaceSize" by deleting the first digit of any component
  • The GPU will hang, the video driver will be reset by the OS, and the Editor will crash

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ComponentUE - Niagara
Affects Versions5.3.2
Target Fix5.4
CreatedApr 26, 2024
ResolvedMay 8, 2024
UpdatedMay 9, 2024