Using a Set Control Rotation node does not change the camera rotation when in VR mode.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open UE4Editor (first person template)
2. Add Triggerbox to the level and set hidden in game to false
3. In Level BP add Get Player controller node
4. Drag off of return value and add Set Control Rotation node
5. Add BeginOverlap event node and wire into Set Control Rotation
6. Drag off of New Rotation pin and create a Make Rotator node
7. Play in Standalone and walk into the trigger box (the camera will rotate to 0,0,0)
8. Press Alt+Enter to go fullscreen and enter the Oculus
9. Walk into the trigger box again

Entering the Trigger box while in VR does not change the camera rotation.

SetControlRotation rotates the camera the same way in standard and VR modes.

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Won't Fix
Affects Versions4.9.2
CreatedOct 1, 2015
ResolvedApr 3, 2017
UpdatedSep 16, 2019