Setting a ComboBox on the Server does not always work. In the attached project, a Multicast Event runs some Set Options, all but one of which appear to work on both Clients and Server. On the Server, however, the Set Selected Option does not update the ComboBox.

It's a bit of a complex setup, but I followed it through from beginning to end on both Client and Server, and for some reason it's just this one node that doesn't update properly, and only on the Server. Project attached.

Reproduced in 4.9.2 binary and Main (CL 2709700)

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open the attached project
2. PIE with Players set to 2
3. On the Client, set the combo box value to B
4. On the Server, set the combo box value to B

The Server combo box is not updated to None

The Server combo box is updated to None

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Won't Fix
Affects Versions4.
CreatedOct 3, 2015
ResolvedJan 25, 2017
UpdatedMar 28, 2017