Items attached to the Skeletal Mesh in the World Outliner can alter the Mobility of the Skeletal Mesh.

Licensee specifically does not want to have any automated changes to asset mobility to happen just exposure of the functionality and a build warning to occur.

Also Tested in 4.11 Preview 5 and Dev-Main-CL-2868905

Steps to Reproduce

*Quick Repro: Open Attached Project, Open Output Log and PIE*

  1. Create a Blank Project with No Starter Content
  2. Add the Engine Content Skeletal Cube to the Level
  3. Add a Pointlight to the Level
  4. In the Level Outliner, drag the Point Light to the Skeletal Cube
  5. Assign the Light to None (or any bone as well)
  6. Toggle the Mobility of the Light to MOvable back to Stationary back to Movable.
  7. Assign the Skeletal Cube to a Matinee Empty Group
  8. Setup the Matinee to move the Skeletal Cube over time
  9. Assign the Matinee to Play on Level Load
  10. Bring up the Output Log
  11. PIE

RESULTS: Mobility Errors and Skeletal Mesh not allowed to move because of the errors

EXPECTED: Mobility of Skeletal Mesh is exposed to allow changing it back or keep the Mesh from Changing Mobility when an attached Actor is Changed.

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By Design
ComponentUE - Gameplay
Affects Versions4.
CreatedFeb 16, 2016
ResolvedJan 27, 2017
UpdatedApr 27, 2018