When using Z-up for Axis Conversion on export using FBX 2016 from a modeling program (3DS Max 2016 used for this test), this axis selection will fail to import with the warning listed below. If using Y-up as the axis the import is fine.

This only happens with FBX 2016 failing to import. When using FBX 2014/15 both the Y and Z - axis up options work.

I have not been able to reproduce this with my own test asset from scratch, and only happens with the users asset that is attached here. There has been more than one user reporting this as well.

Warning from Output Log:

FBXImport:Warning: Warning Mesh [Geometry have no name] in the fbx file is not reference by any hierarchy node.
FBXImport:Error: Error Import failed.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open UE4
2. Import Attached Asset

Results: Import will fail

Expected: Import should succeed

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By Design
Affects Versions4.114.124.13
Target Fix4.13
CreatedMay 24, 2016
ResolvedMay 31, 2016
UpdatedFeb 4, 2019
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