Large hitching is occurring when click dragging inside the color wheel of the color picker or scrubbing RGB, HSV, and Value/Saturation sliders.

I am only able to repro this issue in Binary builds. 4.12.4 and 4.13 binary produce the same issue, but the P4 builds of both do not.

This issue does not occur in P4 //UE4/Main @ 3035542

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open UE4Editor
  2. Create a new material
  3. Add a 3 vector node in the material graph
  4. Double click the 3 vector node to open the color wheel
  5. Click and drag inside the color wheel
  6. Scrub inside the RGB, HSV or Value, Saturation boxes
    RESULT: Large hitches occur when click dragging in the color wheel or scrubbing values.

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Affects Versions4.12.44.13
Target Fix4.13
Fix Commit3050870
Main Commit3050870
CreatedJul 5, 2016
ResolvedJul 18, 2016
UpdatedMay 2, 2018