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The problem is, that the plugin created in step 2 is a Developer type. The flag is set in SNewPluginWizard::WritePluginDescriptor. Nativize Assets module cannot depend on a Developer plugin, because the module is supposed to be used in shipping build (where Developer plugins are not included). See UE-37027


If a third-party plugin is present in a project that is being packaged with the Nativize Blueprint Assets option turned on, the packaging process will fail because necessary header files in the plugin are not being located.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open any project in the Editor.
  2. Create a new Blueprint Library plugin for the project. Name the plugin MyNewPlugin.
  3. Create a new project using the Basic Code template.
  4. Copy the plugin created in step 2 to the new project.
  5. Generate project files for the new project.
  6. Build the new project in Visual Studio.
  7. Open the new project in the Editor.
  8. Make sure the plugin is enabled in the project.
  9. Add a new Actor Blueprint to the project.
  10. In the new Actor Blueprint's Event Graph, create the setup seen in the attached image.
    • The Execute Sample function node is the default sample function included in the plugin created in step 2.
  11. In the Packaging Settings for the project, make sure the Nativize Blueprint Assets option is checked.
  12. Package the project for Win64.

The package process fails with the error: UATHelper: Packaging (Windows (64-bit)): xgConsole: C:\Users\Tim.Lincoln\Desktop\TestNatPackage\Intermediate\WindowsNoEditor\NativizedAssets\Source\NativizedAssets\Private\NewBlueprint__pf3688439234.cpp(193): fatal error C1083: Cannot open include file: 'MyNewPluginBPLibrary.h': No such file or directory

The project packages successfully.

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Won't Fix
CreatedJul 15, 2016
ResolvedOct 7, 2016
UpdatedApr 27, 2018