When exporting Foliage instances to FBX the FBX will not contain any of the foliage instances, but will include any other static or movable geometry.

This is a regression. This worked in 4.11.2 but no longer works in 4.12.5, 4.13 Preview 1, or Dev-Main 4.14.

Tested in:
4.11.2 CL-2946394 WORKING
4.12.5 CL-3039270 BROKEN
4.13 Preview 1 CL-3072953 BROKEN
4.14 Dev-Main CL-3077155 BROKEN

Original feature request ticket:

Steps to Reproduce

1. Open UE4
2. Paint any Foliage
3. Select the Foliage instances and go to File > Export All/Selected
4. Import the FBX into Maya/Max

Results: Foliage instances are not included in the FBX.

Expected: Foliage instance can be exported to FBX

Regression: Yes

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Fix Commit3083690
Main Commit3092051
Release Commit3083690
CreatedAug 4, 2016
ResolvedAug 10, 2016
UpdatedMay 2, 2018