Vector2D struct does not save default values as a macro input

Regression (no) issue (does) occur in 4.11.2

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open Editor (any project)
  2. Create new blueprint (actor)
  3. In blueprint, create new macro
  4. Create input>Vector2D
  5. In Details Pane, set Default Values to 1.0, 2.0
  6. Compile
  7. Place macro in event graph


Default values appear as 0.0, 0.0


Default values appear as 1.0, 2.0.

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ComponentGameplay - Blueprint
Affects Versions4.12.54.13
Target Fix4.17
CreatedSep 1, 2016
ResolvedApr 25, 2017
UpdatedJun 11, 2019