When adding a widget with retainer panels into the world via a WidgetComponent, the texture appears washed out. This does not occur if the widget is added to the viewport, nor does it occur in 3D widgets without retainer panels. The washing out only seems to happen at runtime, and occurs even when all lighting is removed from the scene.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a widget blueprint with an image wrapped in a retainer panel
  2. Apply a texture to the image
  3. Back in the level editor, add a widget component and apply your widget
  4. Start PIE
  5. Texture will appear washed out

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ComponentTools - UMG
Affects Versions4.
Fix Commit3347682
Main Commit3383473
CreatedSep 2, 2016
ResolvedApr 11, 2017
UpdatedDec 10, 2019