A licensee is seeing performance drops while using the editor due to a custom thumbnail renderer taking a while to generate thumbnails while Real-Time Thumbnail rendering is enabled, and has requested that UThumbnailRenderer have some additional logic to gate potentially expensive thumbnail rendering operations from being performed in real-time, even with real-time thumbnails enabled.

The following options were suggested:

In UThumbnailRenderer, add an IsSlowToGenerate() method:

virtual bool IsSlowToGenerate const { return false; }

And use it within FAssetThumbnailPool::Tick() to gate any expensive thumbnails from being added to the RealTimeThumbnails list:

if (!RenderInfo->Renderer->IsSlowToGenerate())

Alternatively, in UThumbnailRenderer, add a GenerateForContentBrowser() method:

virtual bool GenerateForContentBrowser() const { return true; }

And check if a thumbnail should be generated when checking if the renderer is valid for an asset within AssetThumbnail.cpp:

if (RenderInfo != NULL && RenderInfo->Renderer != NULL && RenderInfo->Renderer->GenerateThumbnailForContentBrowser)) { /*...*/ }

Steps to Reproduce

See UDN link. Issue has the possibility to affect custom thumbnail renderers

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ComponentTools - Content Browser
Affects Versions4.114.124.13
CreatedSep 22, 2016
UpdatedApr 27, 2018