User report:

HISMCs are currently broken in master. They always show the lowest LOD available for a mesh, so if you have a HISMC with a tree mesh set, you would always see the billboard of the tree and no matter how far you are away from it or how the settings for that specific mesh are, it never changes.

Steps to Reproduce

1. Unshelve CL 3263551
2. Launch QA Game Editor
3. Open Developers\jack.porter\FoliageLODWeirdness.umap (you may need to turn on the Developers Folder checkbox in the content browser)
3. Move the camera around in the editor.
4. When finished testing, please revert the shelf so the files are not locked.

White = LOD0, Red = LOD1, Blue = LOD2. Prior to the fix all foliage is always in LOD2.

Try disabling the "Use Dithered LOD Transition" flag in the LODMaterial material.
Try setting a cull distance in the foliage tool.
Compare LOD transitions to a regular staticmesh of the same SM asset "Barrel_withLOD"

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ComponentTools - Foliage
Affects Versions4.15
Target Fix4.15
Fix Commit3263554
Main Commit3389599
Release Commit3263554
CreatedNov 22, 2016
ResolvedJan 19, 2017
UpdatedApr 13, 2017