Particle AnimTrails are not rendering on Mali but will render on the Adreno when using the OpenGL ES 3.1. ES2 renders correctly on both devices, just ES 3.1 does not.

The devices compared:
Working: [Link Removed]
Broken: [Link Removed]

Steps to Reproduce

(Optional) Sample Project provided. Open that and deploy to device. Walk forward with character to see AnimTrail.

1. Create a Mobile Third Person Project
2. Create an AnimTrail Particle System
3. Add a NotifyState > Trail and assign to the Walk Animation and any bone
4. Deploy to device

Regression: No

Results: The AnimTrail does not render on a Mali chipset, but does on the Adreno counterpart.

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Won't Fix
ComponentPlatform - Mobile
Affects Versions4.134.144.15
CreatedNov 22, 2016
ResolvedMay 30, 2019
UpdatedAug 8, 2019