Possessing a pawn on a second client while using a dedicated server prevents the pawn from moving until net.shareshadowstate is set to false.

This appears to be a regression. I was not able to reproduce the behavior in 4.13.2

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open the attached project
  2. Set PIE settings to 2 players and Run Dedicated Server
  3. Press K on the first Client to possess a pawn. Notice the pawn can move
  4. Press K on the second Client to possess a pawn.
  5. Attempt to move around in the level

Result: This pawn is unable to move. Setting net.shareshadowstate to false allows the pawn to move.

Expected: The pawn would be able to move as the first client is.

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Affects Versions4.144.15
Target Fix4.15
Fix Commit3219200
Main Commit3237358
CreatedNov 28, 2016
ResolvedDec 2, 2016
UpdatedSep 12, 2017