When using the FBX Scene Import into Level with default settings so that the actors in the BP import as static, if you reimport them they will then be set to Movable in the BP.

This is not a regression of previous behavior.

Tested with and broken in all builds used.
4.13.2 Binary CL-3172292
4.14 Binary CL-3195953
4.15 Dev-Rendering CL-3207654

Steps to Reproduce

1. Use File > Import Into Level (Test asset attached if needed)
2. Leave as default (making sure that the "Import as Dynamic" is unchecked)
3. Open the newly created BP actor with the scene import. They will be set to Static for the static mesh components.
4. In the Content Browser select the FBX Scene Import Data asset and right-click > Reimport and leave the settings default as they were before.
5. Re-open the BP actor with the scene import. Actors are now Movable.

Regression: No

Results: When using the Reimport for the FBX Scene Import the actors that were previously set to static will now be movable without any settings having been changed.

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Fix Commit3229574
Main Commit3279775
CreatedNov 28, 2016
ResolvedFeb 10, 2018
UpdatedJun 23, 2018
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