Memory increase when exiting PIE with project settings open

Regression: YES

Broken: 3195953 (4.14.0)
Worked: 3195953 (4.13.2)

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open a template project (I used Third Person)
  2. Open the Editor Preferences>Miscellaneous
  3. Enable "Show Frame Rate and Memory"
  4. Close Editor Preferences
  5. Open Project settings and move the window to the side
  6. Note the current memory usage
  7. PIE
  8. Note memory usage
  9. Exit PIE
  10. Repeat this a few times
  11. Close Project settings and repeat

Result: Memory has increased by about 300mb each time you exit pie with Project Settings open
Expected: Same behavior with and without project settings open

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Affects Versions4.14
Target Fix4.15
Fix Commit3216874
Main Commit3229477
CreatedNov 30, 2016
ResolvedDec 1, 2016
UpdatedMay 7, 2020