In the Content Browser, deleting folders within folders on a Mac will result in new folders being generated containing the deleted folders when the Editor is reopened.

This is similar to the issue reported as [Link Removed] but for Macs (Corrected for PC)

Regression: No

Steps to Reproduce
  1. On a Mac, open a new blank project with no starter content
  2. Create Folders A, B and C placing B inside of A and C inside of B
  3. Create 3 New Materials: D, E, and F and move one each to each of the individual folders
  4. Delete the material from folder B
  5. Move folder B from Folder A to the Content folder
  6. Delete folder B
  7. Save all
  8. Close the Editor
  9. Reopen the Editor and open the Test Project
    RESULT: In the Content Browser two "New Folders" are generated containing FolderB and FolderC respectively (See Attached Image.)
    EXPECTED: Folder's B and C to be permanently deleted along with their contents

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ComponentUE - Platform - Mac
Affects Versions4.14.1
CreatedDec 12, 2016
ResolvedAug 23, 2017
UpdatedJul 14, 2021