This is the copy buffer (it contains multiline strings):

is where you manage your teams and
and Position",TipBody_9_C20BB7AA48607972E4FED39D2AB03456="Your team has 7

1 Main Commander

1 Guest Commander

4 Heroes

1 Pet

Place a Hero in a Commanders slot to activate their Commander skill
(effects benefit the entire team).

Positioning matters!

Heroes in the front row protect the Hero directly behind them. Most attacks
cannot target a Hero in the back row unless the Hero in front is
Roster",TipBody_9_C20BB7AA48607972E4FED39D2AB03456="This is the list of all
available heroes and pets that can be used to construct your
Details",TipBody_9_C20BB7AA48607972E4FED39D2AB03456="Shows information
about the selected hero, such as the class and key
Actions",TipBody_9_C20BB7AA48607972E4FED39D2AB03456="Check back regularly
to upgrade, promote, and evolve your heroes. It's essential for success."))

Pasting it results in only two array entries instead of the original 5,
with TipBody of the second entry (the first point with newlines) being

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CreatedDec 20, 2016
UpdatedNov 13, 2019