This is a regression from 4.14.3 at CL 3251583

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open ContentExamples
  2. Create a new Aim Offset asset and select Owen_Skeleton
  3. Open the asset in Persona
  4. From the asset browse drag AO_LU to the top left point in the graph
  5. In the Asset Details Panel expand Vertical Axis
  6. Change the min value to -180 and the max value to 180

Result: AO_LU point updates from a value of 100 to 180 on the aim offset graph
Expected: AO_LU point becomes invalid because 100 is not a valid point on the graph

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By Design
ComponentUE - Gameplay
Affects Versions4.15
Target Fix4.15
CreatedJan 14, 2017
ResolvedJan 16, 2017
UpdatedApr 27, 2018
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