When attempting to test for ESDSR on Android, the Sequencer project fails to package towards the end of the Build Command.

Runtime/OpenGLDrv/Public\OpenGLESDeferred.h(267,5) : warning: 'OPENGL_ES2_BRING_UP' is not defined, evaluates to 0 [-Wundef]
[2017.01.15-01.40.04:489][849]UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): UnrealBuildTool: #if OPENGL_ES2_BRING_UP
[2017.01.15-01.40.04:490][849]UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): UnrealBuildTool: ^
[2017.01.15-01.40.05:154][851]UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): UnrealBuildTool: In file included from C:/Users/[UserName]/Documents/Unreal Projects/Sequencer 4.15 - 2/Intermediate/Build/Android/Sequencer/Development/OpenGLDrv/Module.OpenGLDrv.1_of_3.cpp:3:
[2017.01.15-01.40.05:154][851]UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): UnrealBuildTool: D:\GitHub\UnrealEngine-3257883\Engine\Source\Runtime\OpenGLDrv\Private\Android\AndroidESDeferredOpenGL.cpp(396,19) : error: no matching constructor for initialization of 'FOpenGLTexture2D' (aka 'TOpenGLTexture<FOpenGLBaseTexture2D>')
[2017.01.15-01.40.05:155][851]UATHelper: Packaging (Android (ASTC)): UnrealBuildTool: Texture2D = new FOpenGLTexture2D(OpenGLRHI, AndroidEGL::GetInstance()->GetOnScreenColorRenderBuffer(), GL_RENDERBUFFER, GL_COLOR_ATTACHMENT0, SizeX, SizeY, 0, 1, 1, 1, PF_B8G8R8A8, false, false, Flags, nullptr, FClearValueBinding::Transparent);

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Obtain the latest version of Sequencer project from the Learn tab of the launcher
  2. Launch UE4Editor.exe and open the Sequencer project
  3. Under Edit > Project Settings > Platform > Android, enable Enable Support OpenGL ES Deferred Shading Renderer and disable Disable Support OpenGL ES2.
  4. Select File > Package Project > Build Configuration > Development
  5. Select File > Package Project > Android > ASTC

Results: Project fails to package during the Build command.

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ComponentUE - Platform - Mobile
Affects Versions4.15
Target Fix4.15
Fix Commit3263704
Main Commit3389599
Release Commit3263704
CreatedJan 15, 2017
ResolvedJan 19, 2017
UpdatedSep 16, 2019
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