PhysicsBallBP is unable to teleport via a collision volume (with either SetActorLocation or Teleport node).

Error is not present in 4.14.3 but is present in 4.15.P3

Console error description:
LogPhysics:Warning: SetTransformWhileSimulating: Setting body transform on a simulated body of component (/Game/RollingBP/Maps/UEDPIE_0_level.level:PersistentLevel.TemplateBallBP_2642.Ball) while the physics simulation is running. This will be ignored. You may want to change the component's TickGroup or consider moving the simulated body using a physical constraint

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Create a new Project in 4.15 using the rolling template
  2. Create a new Actor class BP name "BP_Teleport"
  3. Add a box collision to BP_Teleport and scale it to fit
  4. Go to the event graph for BP_Teleport
  5. Add event for box collision begin overlap > connect to Set Actor Location
  6. set the z value in Set Actor Location
  7. Place BP_Teleport into the level
  8. PIE
  9. roll the ball into the collision box

Expected: The Ball will teleport to new location without any issue

Results: The ball hovers in the teleport location then teleports back to the box collision

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ComponentUE - Simulation - Physics
Affects Versions4.15
Target Fix4.15
Fix Commit3283550
Main Commit3389599
Release Commit3285547
CreatedFeb 2, 2017
ResolvedFeb 2, 2017
UpdatedMar 29, 2018