On a Mac, scrolling over GUI elements, in the World Outliner for instance, results in a significant frame rate drop.

Regression: No, occurs in UE4.14.3

Does not occur in Windows

Steps to Reproduce
  1. On a Mac, open a Blank Blueprint Project with no Starter content.
  2. Under Editor Preferences> Miscellaneous>Performance> select "Show Frame Rate and Memory
  3. Return to Main Viewport and notice the frame rate in the upper right corner of the editor while moving the mouse around in the Main Viewport
  4. Now scroll over GUI elements in the World Outliner
    RESULT: Frame rate drops to about half of what it was when moving the mouse in the Main Viewport
    EXPECTED: Frame rate to remain relatively the same whether in the Main Viewport or scrolling over GUI elements in the World Outliner and other menus.

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ComponentUE - Platform - Mac
Affects Versions4.14.34.15
CreatedFeb 21, 2017
ResolvedSep 27, 2018
UpdatedMar 27, 2020