Upgrading a copy of a project from 4.14 to 4.15 appears to be resetting the names of enum elements on switch on enum nodes.

Opening the enum, saving it, and then restarting the project seems to resolve this issue as a workaround in the meantime.

This seems to be a regression, as it did not occur when converting 4.13.2 projects to 4.14.3 based on my tests.

Steps to Reproduce
  1. Open a new 4.14.3 project
  2. Add a new enum (TestEnum)
  3. Add 4 elements to the enum (name them One, Two, Three, Four)
  4. Save the enum
  5. Create a new actor blueprint
  6. Add a variable of type TestEnum
  7. In the Event Graph, get the variable and connect it to a switch on enum node
  8. Connect the switch node to Begin Play
  9. Compile & Save
  10. Open a copy of the project in 4.15 through the Project Browser
  11. Open the actor blueprint

Result: Notice that on the Switch on Enum node, all of the enum element names have been reset.

Expected: The names would remain the same

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ComponentGameplay - Core
Affects Versions4.15
Target Fix4.15.1
Fix Commit3316734
CreatedFeb 22, 2017
ResolvedFeb 22, 2017
UpdatedApr 27, 2018